What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid and How Can It Help Your Vehicle

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid and How Can It Help Your Vehicle


In what was seen as a way of limiting carbon emission from diesel vehicles, the Environmental Protection Agency in 2010 came up with a policy requiring all diesel vehicle enthusiasts to use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on their vehicle engines. SCR works handily with DEF to ensure diesel cars do not emit harmful gases on air.

Motorists are advised to use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) on their diesel engines, which mean spending more.

DEF is an extra fluid that you inject to your vehicle’s exhaust system to lower carbon emissions. If you are looking forward to converting your car engine to a diesel engine, you should be aware that you’ll have to spend more on filling the diesel exhaust fluid distributor regularly.

However, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) offers your vehicle a lot, way beyond the cost. Here is how diesel exhaust fluid helps your vehicle.

1. Improved performance 

If you have a diesel car engine that uses the DEF technology, you can benefit from fuel economy and enhanced performance. DEF helps convert the NO gas in the fuel to harmless water and gas, improving the fuel consumption and vehicle performance.

For cars with diesel engines, if the diesel exhaust fluid is low, the vehicle’s speed decreases significantly. You have to refill the diesel exhaust fluid to the recommended level to ensure your vehicle operates optimally.

2.  Helps to warm your vehicle in winter

When it’s very cold during the winter, those with diesel engine cars have all the reasons to smile. Although diesel exhaust fluid should freeze at a given temperature, it will continue working optimally as long as the car engine is running. The DEF technology provides enough heat that keeps it moving smoothly at low temperatures.

Even under freezing temperatures, your car will be running optimally. You don’t have to spend money on anti-freezing solutions. The DEF technology itself is designed to work optimally during the winter as long as your car accelerates.

3. Helps you to conserve the environment 

Whenever your car DEF runs low, you have to refill it, and this adds to the cost of car usage. Although the cost of using DEF in a diesel car engine is a bit high, its benefits on the environment are invaluable.

When refilling your DEF, you should visit a certified mechanic for assistance to avoid pouring the fluid on the other parts of the engine. For the maximum efficiency of your car engine, you must ensure you refill a new diesel exhaust fluid after every four refills.

Final Thoughts

Diesel cars are here to stay, and car owners must learn how to maintain their vehicles to reduce pollution and economize on fuel. By keeping your vehicle DEF at the right level, you will be conserving your environment, and saving on your fuel expenditure.

If your vehicle runs on an SCR technology, you must always ensure the diesel exhaust fluid tank is filled up. Your vehicle cannot run optimally if the diesel exhaust fluid tank is empty. Also, you won’t be economizing your fuel if you forget to refill the DEF at the right time.


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