Things Doctors Tell Their Friends About Feet

Things Doctors Tell Their Friends About Feet


Doctors possess knowledge about the human body and how to keep it healthy. There is information they might share with their friends about the foot. A foot doctor Georgia could share stories about patients without mentioning names. The following are conditions that relate to the foot.


Overuse of the feet that involves repetitive motion can lead to a condition known as a stress fracture. Most people think of this injury as something a runner would incur. They do not realize that anyone who walks considerable distances, especially when they are not used to putting their feet under such a strain, are in risk of a stress fracture.

A stress fracture is simply a small crack in the bone of the foot. It is not necessarily the result of an accident or sudden injury. It can occur over time. The name sums it up. Stress to the foot causes the fracture.


People like their feet to look good. Summer is a time when bare feet appear at the pool and beach. People like sandals that expose the toes. A trip to the nail salon is just the thing to make toes pretty.

The problem is bacteria. It grows on nail files and can be transmitted by nail polish brushes. To avoid bacterial infections of the foot, carry a file and bottle of polish to the salon.


There is always the question as to whether or not high heels are safe for the foot. The answer is “yes” in moderation. Do not wear them for too long a period of time. After taking them off, it is a good idea to stretch the feet to undo any damage.


Everyone has probably experienced foot odor. It is usually noticed when shoes and socks are removed. It is the result of bacterial growth. Feet contain sweat glands. If a person has been involved in an activity that produces sweat, then the feet will have an odor.

The solution is to get rid of the bacteria as much as possible. Soaking the feet is one solution. The point is to dry the feet and stop the sweating.


A bunion is the result of the big toe moving toward the second toe. This causes the bone at the base of the big toe to stick out. That is a bunion. It can be painful and cause problems when walking. It can result from shoes that do not fit properly.

Solutions for a bunion a foot doctor in Georgia will offer short of surgery include shoes that fit properly and wearing padding between the big and second toe. The point is to move the big toe back in place. That will happen slowly over time. The bunion did not occur in a day so it will take awhile for the new shoes and padding to do their job.


A routine visit to a dermatologist will involve a close examination of the feet including looking between the toes. It does not seem possible that skin cancer can occur on the foot. Feet normally do not see the sun except during certain times in the summer. However, cancer can grow, and it is important to make sure that visit to a dermatologist is a routine event.


Any unexplained pain in the foot, including numbness, can be an indicator of a problem somewhere else. Do not ignore it if it continues. The feet are sending a message to seek medical attention.


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