Importance &Types of Life Insurance Plans

Importance &Types of Life Insurance Plans


It is true that life insurance is a kind of protection from financial loss that grants your beneficiaries like your family or loved ones, the cash benefits in the event of your death.  Of course, in this world of uncertainties, you must not take a chance with anything. You should have an insurance so that you can sleep peacefully at night. Well, do you ever think what if something happens to you? What would your family do? Once you take up a right and effective insurance, you can be sure that you are deciding for your loved ones, no matter you are with them or not.

Why is Life Insurance so Crucial?

Not just does your life insurance policy caters your protective coverage, but there are diverse other reasons why life insurance policy is so crucial for anyone. You should be aware of the other benefits of life insurance and based on that make a purchase of a policy.

Amidst the various things that you already know about life, its unpredictability is certainly one of the most significant quality one must never forget. While one moment you could be the happiest you can every dream to be, the very next minute can fetch unimaginable agony as well. One can never really know or predict what happens next. And this randomness is the very reason why life insurance has even got designed.

Though it could seem like a rather low and depressing thing to do, but seldom dopeople give a thought about when they might no longer be around.  What really happens to their family? Who is going to support the family’s expenses? Who shall pay for the education or upbringing of the kids?  Who would take care of household expenditures?  Well, you know what, it is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about securing the future of your family,  and mainly significant for individuals who are the sole income earners in the immediate household and support dependents such as a spouse, children, or even that of aged parents.  In the ill-fated event of death of a family’s income earner, not only is there penetrating emotional grief to deal with, due to the loss of a dear one, but also imminent financial turmoil, following the absence of income.

Though it could not drive away the emotional grief, but life insurance can, to a massive extent, help the aggrieved family take care of their financial requirements at such a terrible and testing time. With a life insurance policy, you can simply secure not only your family’s future, but also aid safeguard your business during challenging times. Well, for your ease and information, below are a few of the important differences between diverse kinds of life insurance policies and what they really mean for you. After all, it is always good to know about different insurances so that you can pick the best life insurance term plan for you.

What can life insurance cover?

Once the unexpected happens, life insurance policies might help keep your loved ones financially afloat. For a monthly charge (even known as a premium), you can make sure that the ones who depend on you and your income have help covering pricings such as:

  • Final expenditures and funeral services
  • Heavy debts or mortgages
  • Educational outlays
  • The Lost income

The point is clear, having life insurance might mean peace of mind for your surviving dear ones. Even when something unfortunate happens to you, your dear ones are going to be in sound financial state.

To pay off the heavy debts

Most of the people, during their initial professional life, end up taking loans to accomplish various needs like purchasing a house, or getting a car. Some end up taking a personal loan to finance the wedding of their child, or even repay manifold debts. However, in case you happen to die or pass away suddenly, the burden of all such loans and debts falls right on your dependent family members. Even if your spouse may be employed, the financial burden of paying off such loans lay directly on them. With a right life insurance policy, this is one concern less to be worried about as the sum guaranteed from the life insurance policy might aid the family take care of such liabilities, in the absence of compromising their needs.

Who really Benefits from Life Insurance Plan?

Well, in case you have a spouse, children or other financial dependents, then life insurance plan or policy helps ensure their security. Then, the other common beneficiaries might encompass:

  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • Charities

It really differs from person to person and situation to situation. But it is always good to know that these things can also be included in the insurance policy or plan.

What Sort of Life Insurance Policy Is Correct?

Then to look for the right type of insurance policy does not need to be complex. There are two chief types of life insurance and these are: term life insurance and permanent life insurance (sometimes even referred to as whole life insurance).

What is Term life insurance?

This kind of life insurance provides full coverage of benefits during a particular time or term (characteristically between one and thirty years). Term life insurance is generally less expensive than that of the permanent insurance. It could require a medical exam, but some kinds of term life insurance (like that of simplified issue or guaranteed issue policies)may not. Insurance of a basic issue policy could rely upon answers to health questions set forth in the specific application. Moreover, in some of the instances, term life policies might turn out to be converted to whole life coverage in case the insured decides or makes up his mind that he or she wants to change plan types.

What is Permanent life insurance?

Permanent or Whole life insurance covers you during the time or tenure of your whole life. You pay a premium or charge each month and that builds cash value over time (such as a savings account). You might cancel a permanent life insurance policy whereas you are still alive. There are three characteristic kinds of permanent life insurance: whole life, universal life and that of variable life. Every single form owns its adjustable benefits and cash accumulation facilities.


So, you can check out the options in life insurance plans and ensure that you pick the right one that helps you and suits you.But do check claim settlement ratio of the company like Canara HSBC that offers claim settlement ratio 98.12, so it is wise to opt for their plans.


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