Best Things To Enjoy In Desert Safari Of Dubai

Best Things To Enjoy In Desert Safari Of Dubai


Do you want to discover the top activities to enjoy in the Desert Safari of Dubai? Take a ride on a Jeep safari and try camel riding and sandboarding. Get more information about falconry. 

Many unusual and amusing activities are waiting for you. Have a great time and don’t forget to keep your sunglasses with other necessary things before going to desert safari.

Take A Ride On Jeep Safari

If you want to explore the desert with comfort then you have to choose 4×4. Trained drivers make your journey more relaxing.  The cost of a jeep safari to explore the desert is approximately 40€ or more.

The tours consisted of many astounding activities like sand boarding and dune bashing. So choose those tours that have a maximum number of activities for you to make your journey memorable.

Be Brave To Enjoy Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a thrilling activity of desert safaris. Select the 4×4 with a professional driver. Adrenaline lovers feel excited to experience this activity. When the jeep goes up and down on the dunes, you feel excitement and thrill.

It’s a totally unique and alluring experience. If you want good deals then check the Tour Scanner. Such tours consisted of jeep safari travels to the deserts.

Taking Ride On The Dirt Bike

Enjoy bashing on the appealing sand dunes through a tour on a dirt bike along the desert. You need to carry equipment and take precautions to protect yourself during the ride.

You will find these tours more interesting as compared to other activities in the deserts but if you are a bike lover and you want an extra thrill then taking a ride on the dirt bike is a perfect activity for you.

Fat Tire Bike Ride

A fat bike is better for you if you want to enjoy a two wheels ride. This is another good chance for you to explore the desert of Dubai. The bikes have over-sized tires that are designed for riding on the sand of deserts.

So you can easily explore the desert on these bikes taking the guidelines of experts. The tours of fat bikes are of 5 hours mostly that take you to the desert. You can also check the level of your fitness in such tours if you are daring.

Hopping To See The Sky From Desert On Hot Air Balloons

If you want to see the graceful sky from the hot air balloon then this experience will be great for you. Hopping on the hot air balloons allow you to explore the desert and to see the beautiful sky.

These tours initiate in the early morning to catch the beautiful views of the sun rising. If you are daring then don’t miss this great activity and hop on the hot air balloons. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the beautiful views of the desert.

Get Information About Falconry In Desert

Falcons fly up to the height of 4,000 feet and you can watch them and capture their fly. Usually, the falcons are trained to give affirmation. Gourmet breakfast with a hot air balloon and display of falcons is perfect for you to make your time memorable.

Sandboarding Activity

Another popular activity in the desert is sandboarding. Sliding down on the ravishing dunes through the board is great fun. You should include this activity in your desert activities plan.

Take Ride On Camel Safari To Explore Desert

You see camels in the deserts of Dubai so why not you plan to take a ride to explore the beauty of deserts? They are the animals with kindness and you receive complete guidelines from the owners of camels about how you can board the camels.

Your experience of desert safaris is incomplete without camel rides. It is the activity that you will enjoy the most. If you want to get more information about these animals then you can visit the camel farms in the desert.

Go To Enjoy Horse Riding

Horse riding is another thrilling activity that is waiting for you. Just like the camel rides the option of horse riding is available for you in the desert. Such experiences are completely unique.

The duration of the ride on the horse is around 90 minutes. A guide will also accompany you during the horse ride.

Vintage Land Rover

If you want a more luxurious activity to explore desert safari then you must take a ride on the vintage land rover. These rides are stylish but usually, such tours are a bit expensive. 

The tours have other activities for you so your money will be worth it. These activities will make your experiences more glamorous in the desert safari.

Hatta Heritage Village In The Desert To Explore

A restored village in the mountains to explore is the Hatta heritage village. The horse made up of stone and mud denote the life that was present there centuries ago.

If you want to make your experience more alluring then choose a 4×4 ride. Most of the tours provide you the facility of transport to explore the village. So include this plan into your desert activities list to know more about the deserts and culture of Dubai.


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