Top 10 Summer Fashion: Vital Essentials and Trends of 2020

Top 10 Summer Fashion: Vital Essentials and Trends of 2020


Summer is here already, what are up to these days? Truly, there’s nothing sweeter, scenic and vibrant than relaxing summer days. The sun is out in the day and there’s a calm and cooling atmosphere at night, these two contrasts give us more reasons to enjoy life. Summer trends are also one of the most anticipated things to dwell around. With fashion designers coming up with their summer collection, there is a downpour in the latest summer fashion trends and style popular among people.

Summer trends are mostly two times. The one from the street, it’s raw, badass and cool to rock at any outdoor event. On the other hand, there’s the runaway popular fashion that’s more thought after, artistic and sophisticated. The population finds its side and settles in these two given divisions. That said, we’ve sorted out the list for you of the must-have fashion trends for the summer of 2020. Here’s what about to come and what to invest in this summer to get the perfect fashionable look of your desire:

Top 10 must-have fashion trends for Summer 2020

Fabric: Linen

Linen is one of the sought after summer clothes of this year. It’s strong, light and observant that helps you stay cool and combat the heat. Linen outfits are getting popular everywhere as retailers this season are offering various variations of the linen fabric. From comfortable Linen shirts to Linen shorts and more, everything in your summer outfit guarantees a breezy and lightweight feel to your body. There’s nothing better than comfortable fabric that’s fashionable, soft against your skin and sheer lightweight.

Transition Glasses

It is a trend that is going to be all around. Don’t believe me? Hear me out. The benefits of transition glasses are way too many. Firstly, they are available in sorts of size, design and texture ranging from metallic Aviator glasses to bold and sexy cat-eye glasses. The definition of stunning designs is all well established with transition glasses. The best part of it, it changes its colour with your location. You step out, your glasses automatically change into sunglasses and when you are indoor, it’s back to being your regular prescription glasses. It has got the best of both worlds. Lose the hassle of handling two pairs of glasses everywhere you go and switch to a smarter alternative.

Sweat Shorts

We know you’ve been wearing the same sweatpants for a while now. It’s quarantine, we get it. However, with the increasing heat and summer, it’s time you switch to a better and open alternative. Sweat shorts are comfortable, soft and easy to wear for a walk, exercise and other household chores.

Splash of Colours: Neon

There’s nothing better than a neon colour to show the people that you have entered the fashion ultimate level. Neon colours garner a powerful presence in the summer for its vivid and lively effects in this weather. Summer is the perfect excuse to let your inner kid out and wear the happiest and most daring colours out in the summer. The only style lesson you learn from neon colour is to be you in the extra and bold way.

Blue light Glasses

There’s no denying that you’ll also sit under Air conditioning for hours to escape the heat. While you are indoors, either you’ll be scrolling the social media or binge-watching Netflix all day. No, we are not astrologers, it’s just the predictability of the new generation. Blue light glasses or also known as Anti-blue light glasses, reduce the harmful rays emitted from the screen and offer a comfortable viewing experience. Blue light glasses get rid of prolonged hours of screen brutality like eye-strain, headache, burning sensation, redness, itchiness and many more. These glasses get rid of all the ailments caused by the screen use and offer to block and offer comfortable screen use.

Bucket Hats

Adorable or high fashion? We can’t make up our mind to rightly describe what a gem bucket hats are all about. These hats are seen on University students to runaway models, all in diverse and fashionable designs. The bucket hat trend started a while ago but it has maintained a powerful presence. You get various designs in bucket hats. It ranges from neon colour to authentic handcrafted design. It’s a perfect addition to streetwear for the casual-cool chic look for any outdoor occasion.

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