Top Shooting Drills Every AAU Basketball Athlete Should Know

Top Shooting Drills Every AAU Basketball Athlete Should Know


The coaches for a youth team that prepares for AAU basketball events often search for drills for the young trainees. With minor adjustments, the same drills can be practiced repeatedly to brush up the basketball playing skills of the young trainees. During practice, the coaches need to spend more time correcting the techniques of the young players to ensure their progress.

Let’s discuss some of the best basketball shooting drills that young players need to know.

1 1-on-1 1 away screen drill

Ways of making the drill –

  • Two steps down towards the basket for better timing
  • Communicate the screen verbally or with a signal
  • Sprint to screen
  • Quick stop
  • Butt and back facing passer

Use an effective cutter to score more points

  • You can put yourself in a better condition when you put the defender down to the level of the screen while practicing the basketball shooting drills. If you can get the defender to think that you are cutting to the basket and turn their head, they will not see the screen coming.
  • You can get low with your shoulder to the Screener’s hip to maintain leverage so the defender cannot knock you off your path or squeeze between you and the screen.
  • You can show your hands and give the passer a target, and want to call for a ball to make a shoot immediately

Dribble penetration shooting drill

To teach the trainees about the best shooting drills for basketball, a new line of defense can be created with wing movements. For this movement, the 4 defense options would be like –

  1. Stay
  2. Curl up
  3. Fade down
  4. Backdoor

The rest parts of the shooting drill would be practiced with a defender, in a 2 on 1 formation, where a defender can incorporate decision-making skills to increase difficulty levels.

Here the No. 4 is with the ball, and he will make the dribble move to try to score. One pass limit can be granted there.

You can also add two chasers for the situation to increase the difficulty level at the drill. The diagram can be followed to understand the positions of the chasers –

Form shooting drills

It is a slowed-down mechanical way to improve the technique/form of a player’s shot. The prime factors for this drill are –

  • Balance
  • Eyes
  • Elbow
  • Follow through

Making a proper cognition may help a player correct his shooting abilities through practicing individual shooting drills for basketball training under a coach.

For balance, a player’s feet should be comfortable at shoulder width apart, while his shooting hand foot would be placed in front of the other foot. The eyes should always be looking at the hoop. The elbow would be in an “L” shape and pointed straight upwards so that the ball can get into the goal directly as the player shoots. A follow-through would follow when a player shoots the ball and puts a backspin on it with fingertips.

“Beat the Pro” Drill

This drill is all about its pressure aspect. It is all about how you can make jump shooting. When you make the shot, you get +1, but if you miss it, it will be -2. It can help perfect the shooting during your course of practicing basketball shooting drills.

Practicing “floater” shot

Players are much bigger and more athletic nowadays, which may prevent you from scoring with average shooting skills. To get the ball over the head of the defender to the hoop, you need to practice the “floater” shots.

Working on your Up-Fake move

Many players choose to shoot shots when they practice. To practice the best shooting drill for basketball, you need to be able to practice backup moves so that you can come up with a new strategy if one shot gets blocked by a defender.

The up-fake move is about faking the shot and selling the fake with your eyes. If you can practice this drill, it will ensure more corrected shots that may help you score and result in a win for your team.


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