Important Factors When Your Computer Needs A Technology Upgrade

Important Factors When Your Computer Needs A Technology Upgrade


Technology becomes more awesome every day. When you’re ready for a technology upgrade, however, it doesn’t mean your bank account has become more awesome.

There are ways to improve your computer’s technology without going broke. Take a look at these important factors to consider when your computer needs a technology upgrade.

What Exactly is a Technology Upgrade?

A technology upgrade is any improvement to your computer. It might not mean replacing your device at all.

You might simply increase your computer’s processing speed or get more memory. The upgrades you make should be based on your lifestyle and professional goals.

For example, you won’t get far as a video editor with 4GB of RAM on your laptop. You need a minimum amount of space and speed to get certain jobs done.

How do you decide which technology is most important to you? Well, first it’s important to know what’s possible.

Let’s look at the major benefits of a technology upgrade that involves replacing vs repairing your computer.

Replacing Your Computer

There are many perks to buying a shiny new computer instead of simply replacing its parts. Buying a new computer means being able to reset the shelf life of your device.

Most PCs only last a few years. If you have a Mac device, your machine might last up to 8 years.

With a new computer, you know you’re getting the latest technology upgrade. You might not max out your computer’s components, but each new specification will be the latest and greatest on the market.

There’s no comparing your old computer with one that is brand new because of how rapidly technology changes. You know that you’ll get the best tech support with a new computer especially while it’s still under warranty.

Older machines might have components that are obsolete or no longer supported by the manufacturer. This means there’s no option to upgrade.

Consider replacing your computer when you want to start fresh with a device protected by a warranty so you won’t have to worry about potential technical setbacks.

Repairing Your Computer

You might opt to simply make upgrades or repair an old computer when it’s still relatively new. If you bought your computer within the last few years, there are many options to improve its performance.

But there are exceptions. Some PCs won’t have components that can be easily upgraded. For example, entry-level laptops don’t usually have upgrade options.

These computers don’t last long and are usually best to just replace when the technology starts to slow down. You’ll have little trouble upgrading your machine if you have a Mac.

One of the best reasons to choose a Mac vs PC is the ability to completely customize your machine. Top of the line Macbooks is expensive.

But you can gradually upgrade your computer giving you access to a top-performing device without having to foot the bill all at once.

How to Choose a New Laptop

It’s possible to choose a new laptop on just about any budget. For a couple hundred dollars, you’ll find PCs that perform basic computing functions to handle things like checking emails or printing out documents.

For thousands of dollars, you can create all types of media on your computer or run a business. Decide how you want to use your computer.

If you have professional needs, you might want to invest in a mid-level machine. Macs typically appeal to people in creative fields since they have a greater ability for customization.

Macs are also known for having more stable operating systems since the manufacturer and software company are one. You’ll get hardware and software support from the same place making it easier to trust your sensitive information will be protected.

PCs are budget-friendly. You get a lot of premium features with a PC at a lot of price points. The downside is that not all manufacturers are created equal.

There are many knockoff PC brands that don’t promise top-notch quality. Often, you don’t find this out until your product is no longer under warranty.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Computer

Computer components are fairly simple to upgrade, but not if you don’t know what’s available. Here are the most common computer components and what they do.


RAM, or random access memory, is your computer short term storage system. The more RAM your computer has, the easier it is for it to switch between programs while storing information.

You want more RAM when you’re dealing with programs that need to handle large amounts of information at once. For example, when video editing and your computer is pulling information from external devices and processing it at the same time.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are a key component for gaming or photo editing. The graphics card allows the computer to read graphics information faster and with better clarity.

By upgrading your graphics card, your computer will perform faster when handing graphic related data.

Storage Drive

The storage drive on your computer is its long term filing system. Upgrade your storage drive when you need to store large files like videos or other large media.

A cheaper alternative to upgrading your storage drive is to buy an external drive. The downside is having to keep the external drive on hand when traveling if you need constant access to the files.


Upgrading your processor gives you the biggest impact of any other upgrade. But only if your motherboard and other components can support the sudden boost of speed.

Be sure to talk with an expert about your existing components before investing in the high cost of a processor upgrade.

Do You Need a Technology Upgrade?

A technology upgrade is a great way to improve the performance of your machine long term. Do you need a technology upgrade right now or can you wait for the latest technology to come out?

If you can live with what you have, consider waiting for the next iteration in technology so you can new components that last over the long term.

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