4 Benefits of Using Artificial Turf

4 Benefits of Using Artificial Turf


Do you take pride in your home and lawn, but do not have enough time and funds to properly invest in caring for them? Are you tired of constantly having to maintain your lawn? Then you should consider using artificial turf Austin instead. Artificial turf comes with many benefits over natural grass. Here are four benefits imparted by using artificial turf.

1.Saves Water

One of the main benefits of installing artificial turf is that artificial turf does not require routine watering the way regular grass does. It is especially good for dry, drought-prone places where water is in less supply. Artificial turf might need the occasional rinse for cleaning purposes, but otherwise, it does not require water, saving you time and money.

2.Requires Minimal Maintenance

For those of you whose time is sparse, artificial turf requires little maintenance. As mentioned before, it does not require regular watering. Due to the fact that it does not grow, the need to spend precious hours and labor mowing it is also eliminated. Fertilizer is also not a requirement for artificial turf, so there is another expense and chore gone. Artificial turf is great for freeing up time, especially for those working intensive jobs.

3.Is Cost-Effective

Artificial turf also possesses the benefit of being cost-effective. Initially, the cost of purchase and installment may be higher than the cost of regular grass. However, in the long-term artificial turf is an investment that pays off. The money saved on maintenance costs like water and fertilizer and the time saved makes artificial turf cheaper over the years. Artificial turf also has a longer lifespan than grass and does not need to be replaced often.

4.Eliminates Bare Patches

Aesthetics is one of the major influencing factors in lawn development if not the major one. People maintain their lawns to have a sense of order, cleanliness and pride as homeowners or tenants. In some situations, they do so to maintain conformity in a neighborhood of beautiful lawns. In others, they are required to keep their lawns up to a certain standard, usually by a homeowners association. Regardless of why, lawns with bare patches or dirt spots among their green plain are generally looked down upon. With artificial turf, bare patches become nonexistent. Shade will not kill artificial turf as it does grass. Artificial turf blades are resistant to damage from the constant treading of feet. Artificial turf can withstand the test of time and shoes fairly well.

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Artificial turf has its benefits. So does grass. Both could be right for you depending on your situation, location and personal preference. However, remember these benefits as you consider whether you prefer artificial turf or grass.


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