Steps to Planning Your Kitchen Makeover

Steps to Planning Your Kitchen Makeover


After you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen, it’s often difficult to determine what your next step is. There are dozens of little choices that you must make when it comes to redoing a space, but it’s also important to keep the big picture in mind.

Step 1 – The Plan

The first step is to envision the whole space. Ask yourself what you would like to change about your current kitchen and what aspects you would like to keep. Does the entire layout need to be redesigned or are the updates purely cosmetic? Sometimes your kitchen cabinets Austin need a complete reconfiguration, but other times, changing out the paint and knobs will do the trick.

Step 2 – The Color Scheme

The biggest game-changer in the kitchen is going to be new counters and cabinets, so it’s important to decide on a style and color early on. If you’re looking for a country feel, white cabinets, black countertops and warm wood floors may be the way to go. If you prefer something bright and cheery, you might consider all-white counters and cupboards and then add in a painted island or glass-front cabinet doors to display colorful pottery.

Step 3 – The Appliances

Most modern kitchens feature stainless steel appliances, but if you don’t care for this look, faux fronts can be made to match your kitchen cabinets Austin. Some appliance companies offer ranges and refrigerators in a wide variety of colors from Caribbean blue to dusty rose. If you want to add a little texture to the room, choose a special kitchen sink like an apron-style sink in granite or fireclay.

Step 4 – The Lighting

Don’t overlook kitchen lighting which is extremely important because of all the work done in the space. If your kitchen gets natural light, you may not feel the need to add much more. However, under cabinet and focused task lighting are a must in a busy kitchen for reading recipes, chopping vegetables and many other household jobs that end up being performed in this room.

Step 5 – The Extras

Once you have the big items checked off your list, you can concentrate on the details like the knobs and drawer pulls and the tile backsplash. This is a great time to consider what type of shelving you would like in your cabinets. For example, would you use a rack for hanging wine glasses or a small divided drawer for spices? This is the time to really personalize your kitchen, so it meets your needs.

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Redesigning your kitchen doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Create an image in your mind, and then break the job down into small steps and make decisions one at a time.


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