Visit Amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a huge history of artwork and culture and its art scene, when compared with any other area in the world, really stands out. Not just that, the artwork is portrayed through it’s building structures in it’s 17th century style. Amsterdam’s style is distinctive over any other 17th century building because of the way it is built, and how it looks. This proves that the artwork is transferred from a painting, into its architecture.

There are a large quantity of museums in Amsterdam for artwork, whether you fall within the camp that says Amsterdam has passed its golden age of art and design, or that it may be enjoying a resurgence, there’s plenty to admire and see on a visit to this beautiful city. It may have had it’s important artists stretching from Vincent Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, but modern artists truly show a great amount of passion, just as much as those in its history.

Modern artists and painters are all over Amsterdam. It’s the creative industries home which gives you art and painters a good reason for why you should visit amsterdam.

Max Lang-Orsini in Amsterdam is proof enough of new talent and is on his way to making a name for himself. Just one of hundreds of new artists flooding Amsterdam with their work, he has his own website where you view his artwork on his portfolio.

It’s said that young artists flock to cities across Europe where they can feel a connection to the past, and to the generations of artists who have gone before them.

Indeed it’s impossible to walk around the city on any given day without almost tripping over hundreds of industrious and aspiring artists, who, it is to be hoped, will all be producing pieces of art that our ancestors could be admiring in hundreds of years time, in much the same way that a Vincent Van Gogh exhibition still sells out today.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, not just for artists and art lovers, but for all intrepid adventurers who want to see something a little different. As the city and indeed the country moves out of lockdown, there are opportunities galore to book bargain holidays as the tourism sector desperately seeks to regain its equilibrium. So visit Amsterdam, and don’t forget to look in on the art galleries and museums while you’re there.


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