Affordable Housing Project in Africa

Affordable Housing Project in Africa


100,000 new homes in Ghana and the same in Kenya – that was the ambitious promise of UNOPS last year, and as the world moves out of the grip of the global pandemic, certainly in some key regions, work is poised to begin again on this important and innovative investment.

Within each country, the project to provide the 100k homes – scheduled to take 6-10 years pre-pandemic, will provide job opportunities across the most needy of local communities and will help to alleviate the housing crisis experienced across both countries.

The 100,000 houses are to be constructed using energy-efficient solar rooftops, and innovative mosquito-killing coating, and will all be manufactured locally, which will provide up to 3,000 jobs for local people.

The inventors and manufacturers of the remarkable mosquito-killing  coating are British company Vectorcide International Ltd. They provide long-term solutions to the problems of malaria and dengue fever transmissions via the female mosquito, and company spokesperson Joe marchand said: ‘The African region disproportionately bares the burden of the dreadful worldwide Malaria count. Africa is home to around 92% of the world’s cases on an annual basis, and for the region to not just survive but to thrive going forwards there must be a solution to the Malaria problem that’s fast, economical, and easy to apply across the whole region.’

Enter Vectorcide’s amazing coating, which will be applied to the new homes within the region as they are built under this exciting UNOPS initiative.

Initially applied to each room as the homes are built, then reapplied just once every 12 months, this truly remarkable coating will kill over 99% of mosquitoes that land on its surface for a full year on application. The coating will be applied to the homes in both Ghana and Kenya, and will be an important step to reducing the impact of Malaria on the population.

Within Kenya, show homes have already been built and over 270,000 Kenyans have registered an interest in being part of the affordable and sustainable housing programme.

With that level of interest, it looks as though UNOPS and its partners will be busy for many years to come and that can only be good news for those parts of the world that rely on investment projects like this to give them an opportunity for safe, affordable, environmentally sustainable homes to live in.


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