Understanding Smart Transportation With Smartphones

Understanding Smart Transportation With Smartphones


Given how the freshly minted concept that is ‘smart cities’ are optimising city life by means of improved technology and digitalisation, the impact that smartphones have on the urban transport system is immense.

Cities around the world are now catering to better mobility through smartphones and open technology that provides distinctive levels of convenience for the end-user in this case, commuters, to adopt an agile and improved trip experience. Gone are the days of having to scramble through queues to confirm a booking or make other ticketing expenses with the seamless digital ticketing solutions.

Smart City Transportation: An Introduction

In order to thrive in today’s megacities where traffic congestions, longer waiting times, slower boarding hours take precedence, the smart city transportation system provides direct access to much safer, faster and smarter travel and mobility experiences for commuters between point A and B within a large city by way of wireless, internet technology and intelligence.

Mobile apps help enable the smart mobility solutions depending on its functionality which results in commuters’ convenience and expenditure costs where frictionless transportation is the prime focus.

How Mobile Ticketing Services Can Benefit Today?

Improved Customer Service

With transport authorities taking to function on tech-driven mobile ticketing solutions, consumers are evidently happier and satisfied having had their stress levels reduced and time saved. This can lead to better revenues and growth in sales because the services can either be recommended to others through word of mouth or social media.

Speedy Boarding Time

Mobile ticketing has drastically reduced boarding time for commuters. Taking into consideration how commuters experience increased levels of boredom, anger, and frustration from public issues such as traffic or delays on a daily basis, mobile ticketing has saved a lot of time when customers book through mobile apps fastening all in one place, payments included.

No Upfront Costs Involved

Most traditional ticketing collection systems may charge extras and other cash options during the process until completion whereas, the expenses that go for mobile ticketing could only involve fixed monthly fees that are comparatively low with no upfront costs to validate your ticket.

Future- Proof

Technology is here to stay, that’s the inevitable truth. Over the years, there have been unprecedented steady developments in going for a paperless society with respect to convenience for customers in their daily lives.

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Thus, by outperforming traditional systems with a mobile ticketing solution, transportation industries can safely navigate through gaining momentum with smartphones and improve their features to remain usable thus becoming the go-to platform as we go along.


Because mobile ticketing runs on a cloud-based system, it trims off the need for unnecessary paper and ticketing printing. Pushing the digital or paperless tickets system will help reduce the cost that goes for paper resources and utilisation coming from cut down trees. This is a positive way of showing how the transportation authorities of the smart cities are environmentally friendly in combating deforestation.


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