Let’s get familiar with various categories of servers

Let’s get familiar with various categories of servers


Dedicated server nzsare the servers with a single computer. It is among a network that is been fixed to serve the needs of the servers. When talking of a web hosting server then one can say that the dedicated server here means that it is a rented server.

The users can rent any server, internet connection, or the software directly from the web hosting. Below are also given some of the Cheap Dedicated Server.

Why choose the dedicated servers?

There are many reasons to choose a dedicated server. It provides many benefits like total control, flexibility, security, and also reliability. One can even dedicate the server in a single work. So it can be a dedicated gaming server, application server, or else anything that the user wishes it to be.

The dedicated servers also keep a check on the third party activities so that they don’t harm the user’s server. A dedicated server helps in hosting servers.

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Let’s now check out each kind of dedicated server.

Gaming dedicated server-

The gaming dedicated servers are the servers that are more focused on providing the best experience for gaming. Go4hosting is a Germany dedicated server. There are several reasons for a gaming lover to buy gaming dedicated server like they give a better experience, it allows getting more control over the game, the gamer will experience less lags while enjoying the game, reliable, and it supports when needed.

Their cost varies from $29 to $129.

Windows dedicated server-

Windows is known for serving its customers the best they could. That’s why there are several reasons to opt for the windows dedicated server. If one wants to start a business then they must buy the windows dedicated server as they will secure all the future benefits for the user.

It will provide them with all the possible resources. But one must take care that they get it from a good service provider. The windows dedicated servers the very flexible plus secure for functioning so they will be an excellent option to choose. The Cloudsouth will be a good option for this as it is a good Germany dedicated server.

Linux dedicated server

These are one of the best solutions for the business and companies that want a robust plus reliable server for them, All this at the affordable rates. Linux dedicated servers are the open-source software and the one that is entirely managed to host a solution that is mainly designed to increase business performance.  It also helps to accommodate the rising number of servers needed and it also very useful as it supports several databases like MySQL, SQL, and more.

TheLinux dedicated servers add up the flexibility to the business and then one can get entire control of it.One can control the whole business from any part of the world and all that is needed to do is the pc with an internet connection.

Proxy dedicated server-

Deciding for the best proxy is variable according to what the user wants it for. Well, the Proxy dedicated server are of many users like to increase the speed of the net, sharing the net in an area, hiding of IP address, and much more.

The proxy servers can be very useful to get access to the blocked sites and also to cross through the security restrictions, and much more. Here is the list of the top proxy dedicated servers that one must need-

  • Scraper API
  • MicroLeaves
  • Crawlera
  • NetNut
  • SmartProxy
  • GeoSurf
  • OxyLabs
  • Luminati Residential
  • Intoli

These were the best proxy servers and most of them also provide a free trial that gives relief to mid that they can choose a good server without wasting money on what they don’t want.

VPN dedicated server-

One can say that a VPN dedicated server securely stores data in a data center. This storage is inclined to give the best VPN services to their customers. The router and the bandwidth providers these servers are connected to provide excellent performance and low-latency for the customers whenever they get connected to a VPN.

These are the top VPN dedicated servers-

  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • Ivacy
  • Windscribe
  • VPN Area

VOIP dedicated server-

The VOIP dedicated servers are a good choice for keeping the cost of the business and also it does provide some good communication tools for the business. These are mainly used by the companies that have to keep track of their highly-trafficked sites at once.

It is a part of the VOIP phone system that aids in the processing of the information. It is also helpful in answering the request done by the customers. VOIP servers help to set call forwarding, configure the extension, and much more.

Streaming dedicated server-

A streaming dedicated server is the one that allows the content provider to provide videos, photos, and also pictures and also to surf in the time. These kinds of servers require memory, and advanced storage so that can carry a large memory of data and also send them to the users in the minimum time.

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They help to deliver data to the users with the best quality possible within the least time possible. One must check that their servers are having a good network speed and also good bandwidth width. To ensure this one must choose a robust global network.

Their contents are transported through the CDN that is a global network. It deliverer the data in small chunks and this reduces the chances of lagging and also lowers the load at some peak times.

Bottom line-

These were some of the most common kinds of dedicated servers that can be useful for the business to gain flexibility and also to ensure a secure business. Some of the Germany Dedicated Server was also mentioned above.

Most of the servers that have been mentioned above are of great use for business purposes. It will help to decrease the workload and speed up things.


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