How to Light A Modern Bedroom – Know the Basics, Ideas, and Designs

How to Light A Modern Bedroom – Know the Basics, Ideas, and Designs


Bedroom is often used for many purposes like working, sleeping and relaxing. You can create a pleasant feeling and comfortable place by including the best lightings and interior designs.

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If you are looking to make your bedroom lighting unique, then you have to follow many tips. The following are few ideas that help you in making your bedroom functional, restful and well-lit.

Layer the lightings

To create best lighting in a bedroom you have to know about layering of lights. With this, you can find a correct balance between task, accent and ambient lighting.

Ambient lightings

From traditional to modern, you can choose different layers of lights based on what you want to do in the bedroom regularly. Ambient lighting is achieved through ceiling fixtures including chandeliers, pendant lights, and floor lamps, etc.

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These lightings offer required illumination to perform activities that will not need focused, bright light. These layers of lights also enhance the bedroom beauty as well.

Amazing chandeliers – Colorful chandeliers over ceiling will transform the night into amazing. You can add your favorite design and shape to make your bedroom more stunning and beautiful.

Royal lightings – You can give a heritage and modern look to your bedroom by adding Mediterranean style lightings. These lightings are considered as royal style lightings.

European style lights – Choose baroque style lightings to decorate in your bedroom. With these beautiful lightings your bedroom looks magnificent and attractive.

Task lights

If you want to perform activities like working, reading or some other, then layer with task lightings over general lightings. Lightings like table lamps, sconces, pendants on both sides of bed, etc.

Accent lighting

This lighting can help to highlight the features and draw the attention such as artwork in that particular space. In bedroom, accent lighting creates cozy atmosphere and pleasant glow. Chandeliers, wall sconces, and other fixtures are the ways to include the features in the light design of your bedroom.

Choose right bulbs

Color – Color of lighting plays a crucial role by supporting few specific activities. Halogen/incandescent bulbs offer white glow, where as CFLs diffuse blue and LEDs run a range of color temperature. Both blue and white color lightings not only support various activities but also restrain melatonin production and increase alertness as well.

Brightness – Consider the kind of bulb while layering lighting in bedroom. The lighting of a bulb affects negatively or positively on your activities depending on its color and intensity.

Usually, you need 2,000 to 4,000 lumens in bedroom. This may varies depending on your desire. In case you need a dimmable light in bedroom, special dimmers are right choice because they are flicker, buzz control and smooth.

You can either choose a contemporary fixture for a big statement or mix few modern fixtures altogether. It completely depends on your need and desire.

To make your bedroom more pleasant, choose the best store that offer awesome lighting fixtures and order your favorite style lightings.


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