Since childhood, we have heard that “practice makes a man perfect,” While this is easy to say, it is hard to implement it. To participate and win such prestigious competitions, hard work, and consistent practice is the key to success. Preparation should be done in such ways that it gives you an edge over other competitors. You must challenge yourself every day by learning harder words, but you should keep in mind that always take a slow start and learn ten to fifteen words at a time, or else it would backfire you, and on the day of competitions, all the words will jumble up in your mind. The best way to practice and challenge you is to learn words above your grade level, such as being in the lower grade level you should learn 1st grade spelling words to enhance your vocabulary and give you an edge over other children. Since childhood, we have been a part of such competitions, and winning them was such a pleasant feeling, but as we grew up, the tournament began to get tough, and we had to work even harder to win the competition.

There are many ways through which you can get better at spelling bee practice such as whenever you learn spellings of a problematic word just learning isn’t enough because there is a high chance that you might forget that word, to make sure it stays in your memory till the competition learn the spelling and once you have learned them memorize It by saying out loud and writing on the paper without looking at the spelling. When you read something out loud, it is proven that it stays in your memory for a longer time, and this precisely what should be done while preparing for spelling bee competition. Another way of getting better at spelling bee practice is to see the most commonly used words in the spelling bee competition up on the internet and practice them. Your only focus should not be on the terms that are widely used in the spelling bee competition, but just for additional help, you must learn them as well. Many words have a difficult pronunciation, and some children get confused because of the pronunciation. Even though they know the spellings of that particular word, they get confused because of the way it is pronounced, therefore, the best approach is to listen to each word’s pronunciation online. Hence, you hear how it sounds, and it will get much easier for you to spell it. Understanding the terms while looking at the spelling will help you recognize how the letters are vocalized.

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To get better at the spelling bee competition, have someone announce the words to practice spelling them out loud just like the real competition. Practicing spelling test words in such a manner will give you an idea about how the game will be. While practicing in this manner, imagine you are standing in front of a microphone like you would at the actual spelling bee competition. When your friend or parents, whoever announces the words, ask any question you have, such as the definition of that particular word or the origin of that world, it is easier for you to remember that word. Once you start practicing the words in such a manner, it will help you prepare for the real competition as you will gain confidence and learn how to spell words even under pressure. Just make sure when the person announcing the phrase for you is announcing them in proper pronunciation or else it might confuse you when the announcer at the competition asks you incorrect pronunciation. Another most commonly used trick for spelling bee practice to break down the word into smaller words and count the sounds in the word this way it will be a lot easier for you to spell the word correctly without making any error.

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It might be possible that some people have never been in a spelling bee competition and will be there the first time. In this case, they should watch videos of spelling bee competitions up on the internet and search for words that are asked in the spelling bee to understand the game better, and it would allow you to practice for it properly. Sometimes, a child cannot learn a word even if he or she tries hard, in that case, use tricks to help them remember a specific word such as use little phrases or saying as a reminder. For example, if a word is difficult but it has word or name in it that would help the child remember that word, use this trick, but make sure the words or phrases you are using are similar to the word. Winning a spelling bee competition is a huge deal. It can only be done with practice and a lot of hard work. These tricks and ways of practicing might make it a bit easier but practicing and learning the words every day is the key to winning a spelling bee competition.


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