Your Guide to Weekend Binging During Lockdown

Your Guide to Weekend Binging During Lockdown


A pandemic is a new experience for most of us. While some have turned to long lost hobbies, others might simply be getting bored. During this time of global crisis, we all need to keep ourselves healthy, happy and, most importantly, entertained. This will ensure sanity and reduce frustration.

So, if you want to battle boredom, consider a weekend binge of a few remarkable series.

Take your pick from the following ones.

1. Money Heist

A groundbreaking crime drama series, Season 4 of Money Heistreleased on April 3, 2020. This is the ideal show to catch up on to keep you distracted from the corona virus situation. The story revolves around a mastermind professor, who aims to print a billion euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. Originally intended to be a Spanish TV series, called La Casa De Papel, Netflix bought the rights and renamed it Money Heist in 2007. The show has become a phenomenal hit worldwide.

2. Sex Education

Now that there are no pizza festivals to attend on weekends, you might as well get some guidance on safe lovemaking. Teenage sexuality needs to be talked about but most Indian parents are hesitant. Here, the protagonist, Otis, is surrounded by manuals, videos and solid information on the subject. In fact, he pairs up with Maeve to offer sex therapy to his classmates. It is a hilarious yet heartwarming series, which will teach you a thing or two about intimacy, with zero awkward moments.

3. Our Planet

This is a documentary offering a deep insight into the planet we live on. If you are wondering how to spend a weekend in Mumbai, a city known as a concrete jungle, start binge watching this documentary series. Exhilarating visuals of rare animals and humanity’s impact on the climate are what you get to see through the episodes. Be it oceans, rainforests, ice lands, forests or grasslands, this series covers them incredibly. It is narrated by David Attenborough and will leave you fascinated.

4.Black Mirror

Attending outdoor burger festivals is all fun but have you ever watched human beings’ darkest instincts and greatest innovations clash on screen? Well, Black Mirror is one of the best shows ever produced, with a bunch of mysterious characters and evolving technologies. The theory of human dynamics has also been explored, which is a treat for science buffs. Packed with gripping moments and twists, this is an outstanding show to weekend binge on.

5. Russian Doll

This is aspooky American comedy drama web series that is strange yet interesting. Stuck in a time loop, the protagonist Nadia sees herself celebrating her 36thbirthday,after which she dies. This series is nothing short of a masterpiece and you get pulled into the characters’ lives real quick. The story flows effortlessly,supplemented with intelligent humor and emotional moments.

With genius cinematography, great soundtracks and solid plots, these web series are pure gold. So, the next time you wonder how to spend the weekend, consider binge watching them!


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