What Problems Do We Face With Air Conditioners?

What Problems Do We Face With Air Conditioners?


It is nearly impossible to live comfortably through long spells of summer without a properly functioning AC unit at home! However, like all home appliances, the air conditioner may experience irregularities  on occasion. Overlooking AC problems can lead to inflated energy bills. It may also lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner in the long run, allowing its parts to get severely damaged. You should take some time to learn about common AC problems and take required steps when they crop up. Some such problems can be fixed at home, and others require calling an air conditioning repair agency.

The Top Problems Faced By AC Users

  • AC is Not Cooling Optimally – If you find the AC is not offering adequate cooling, the reasons can be numerous. There can be gaps or improperly sealed ductwork, which allows the cool air to leak outside the system. If this happens, the AC will struggle to cool down the room. A clogged air filter inside the device can affect cooling as well.
  • There is a Loud Noise Or Unusual Vibration – The split AC models run almost silently while the window ACs make some amount of noise. Central air conditioning setups are usually whisper-quiet in nature. However, in some cases, you may experience loud noises or vibrations at the outdoor unit of your AC. This can be caused by compressor problems or from interference from a foreign object in the compressor fan. If you can safely remove leaves or twigs from the compressor fan, do so with care.
  • AC is Taking a Long Time to Cool – You are accustomed to your room getting cooled within a certain time span after switching the AC on. If you find the device is taking too long to cool the room well, check for a few factors. The evaporator and condenser coils get dirty and dusty over usage. When these coils are clogged, the AC takes longer to suck out hot air and blow in cool air. Sometimes, mold formation can also lead to this issue.
  • The Air Smells Stale – This is usually caused by dirty and clogged air filter. You need to check the air filter inside the device. Clean it if you can, or get it replaced with a new one.
  • Uneven Cooling And High Energy Bills – When you find that the cooling performance of the AC has become unpredictable and energy bills are soaring, the culprit can be refrigerant leak. A leak may also be recognized by a hissing sound.
  • Air Conditioner Unit Leaking Water – On a humid day, it is not uncommon to see the external AC unit leaking water outside. However, that should not happen too frequently. It can be caused by a blocked drain pipe, an overflowing condensation pan, and low coolant levels.

What To Do When You Experience Such AC Problems

Some of these AC problems can be fixed at home, if you have the required skill. However, it is prudent that you get the device checked by a reliable and professional AC repair agency. Their technicians can perform a proper diagnosis, and they can fix such issues well. In this regard, you need not look any further than Sinclaire Home Services. To know more about our services, call (508) 668-8200.


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