Visit Manali – the most romantic and prolific place to meet beauty.

Visit Manali – the most romantic and prolific place to meet beauty.


Are you scheduling a romantic celebration? Manali can be the best option after tethering the knot. This might seem like a difficult task, but with the best packages for honeymoons, you can define your marriage with love. After you have already spent some money on planning your wedding and buying dresses for precious days, life turns our stressful. Thus, it is easy to get it designed by an expert agency in no time, of course.

Manali- the name was once called the end of the habitable world is an essential place among the honeymoon spots. This place is well-known for being a famous hill station in northern India for being one of the best destinations. When a newly married couple goes out for a honeymoon, all they need is ample time together. Thi is where they can think about themselves. Honeymoon is that time when one can know each other well. However, the only time any couple finds for themselves. Manali is one such place for loveliest honeymoons. Therefore, it’s obligatory that picking the perfect destination for your partner is much imperative.

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1. Rohtang Pass

Your honeymoon should have an essence of uniqueness. This experience should be for both of you, and choosing the best honeymoon destination is your concern. Rohtang Pass is one such place where you can enjoy with your partner. This moment is similar to just the tip of an iceberg. If something goes wrong, you will not be able to cherish your precious moments. Instead, you will have to bear the mishaps inside your mind and heart for the rest of your life. Wedding madness is only fun experiencing the honeymoon planning.

2. Hadimba Devi Temple

Before you start your plan for your honeymoons and your planning to a romantic place, you can book your tickets for both of you. Hadimba Devi the most captivating place. It also has historical shreds of evidence and relevance. Now, this is important as this is your first outing after you are married.

3. Jogini Falls 

The biggest question that you will encounter while booking your tickets is when to travel? Sometimes couples do not like the big mob and stay away from the crowd. Jogini Falls is a waterfall with the free-flowing layers of water down from the height of 8956 feet. A small wrong step might curve your happiness. Thus you must start your married life with the blessings of God. The secluded environs of the Jogini Falls is a perfect spot for honeymoons and couples.

4. Solang Valley

If you and your partner are both adrenaline junkies, then you can take immense pleasure in the extreme sports that you seek complete relaxation from. Solang Valley is one such place for a perfect honeymoon. Honeymoon tickets to the location of choice, especially if your partner will glisten up your first night and the entire life. Every time it is not essential that one must choose the place that he/she likes. Adventure spots make your honeymoon all the more filled with pleasure and joy. This is one among the best spaces for such paragliding. Skiing and horse riding are some other sports you can enjoy here.

5. Bhrigu Lake

If you and your partner both are an avid lover of the panoramic view, you must march towards Bhrigu Lake for a romantic honeymoon special. Here you can class yourself with the best classic adventures while on the journey. If you are looking forward to the city of Love or spend some quality time at the beach with your partner, Himachal Pradesh has a bit of everything.

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Although every city for honeymoons is unique, you must read about the places and do some hard homework on the travel and the destinations you choose. This will help you to make the right decision. The best time to visit this part of Manali is between June, especially when the lake freezes. The destinations are perfect for sightseeing, variety, and romance.

6. Pin Valley National park

Set amidst the honeymoon spot in Manali, Pin Valley National Park is one of the slight detours with the zero temperatures and semi-frozen rivers. The first thing you should do is book tickets whenever the newlywed couples have chosen the honeymoon spots. Pin Valley National park is the coldest desert of the place. You can always create picture-perfect frames on your honeymoon.

Here amidst the valleys, you have ample memories to create and take back with your partner. There are significant concepts of experience to choose from. Starting from ocean exploration to fine dining, all are included in the travel hosts, which forecasts stunning scenery and tranquil view of the sky.

Together these places will give you far away special moments with your beloved. The best time to travel for romantic experiences to these destinations should be in August when the weather is more hospitable.

7. Old Manali 

The newlywed couple can even sit side by side with each other and have a great time together. One thing is sure that in old Manali, the surroundings provide a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime memories for honeymoons that you will remember for years to come.

There are tattoo parlors and quaint cafes which strike the best features for the couple. Get your spouse and your hand-inked forever. On your honeymoon, get yourself adorned with all kinds of luxuries. The old part of the town lets you explore some quirky cafes around the streets.

8. Manali Café Tour

The localities in the place always present Manali is as one such incredible place for honeymoons to visit. The best part of the Manali Café Tour packages also boasts of the cozy cafes for the couples in love. Another critical area is Café 1947, where both of you can spend some delightful moments in the evenings with some light music around. Along with the packages, you can adorn yourself with Italian delicacies.

9. Manali Old resorts tour

More than a quintessential honeymoon, it is about spending time together. The honeymoon tour to the tourist spots of Manali is the destination. This includes various comparison matrix, individual experiences of offbeat adventures, local charms, and the most significant thing the prices that help you narrow down on your spots. If you still have not started planning about the romantic escape with your partner to the beauties of the hills, do it right now. Book your tickets right now. So, the newlyweds can be in Himachal scenic destinations after tying their knots.

10. Hospitable pleasure in the city

Nothing beats the beauty of the sight of the glacier melting in mind blowing vistas right from your hotel room. Honeymoons here have always been unique and also vibrant in all forms. Thus it is expected that every day there is something new or the other about the destination to discover. You can plan to check out Manali’s salt plains or spend your time in the hospitable nature of the place. There is something to suit the honeymoon couples and their tastes in the city. Couples can truly enjoy the passion, soul, and the vivacity about life here. This time lets you avoid the rainy season, and you can enjoy your trip thoroughly.

11. Visiting Kullu and Shimla

Are you dreaming of a honeymoon in the states of Himachal? To catch up with some unbeatable experiences, you must look for traveling with your spouse to either of the destinations.

Manali offers a romantic break to the newly married couples to the city. It is no sin if you crave to watch the outdoor scenic beauties when in Kullu. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the valleys and the mountains, which gives you the experience of the thrill of the outdoors and high-quality hide-away resorts in touch with this heavenly made nature.

The best time for honeymoons to Manali is almost throughout the year instead of the monsoons. Travel experts advise people to visit these destinations heading from road trips and off the cuff adventures. The road trips and the adventures mesmerize couples to this place if you’re keen to see the cities among the snow, head over between March and June when spring is around the corner, and it hits the start of summer.

There is nothing so unique, only about the places. It is all inside the minds. It all depends on how you think. Your honeymoon trip is arguably the most important trip of your life amid the craziness of planning your wedding. Travels are always meant to create vibes, but then yes, if there is something different to do on a trip, it is your honeymoon. Your honeymoon is there to add some more surprises if you likely plan your wedding. Now it is the time for all couples to book a perfect and fantastic destination that is often designed well for couples. Visit Manali and get mesmerized.


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