Top 6 Reasons For Nepalese Students To Pursue Study In Canada

Top 6 Reasons For Nepalese Students To Pursue Study In Canada


Every year many students travel abroad for various courses and degrees. Are you also planning to study abroad? We know relocating to a foreign country is a tough decision to make if you are travelling for the first time. Even for the people, who have travelled before in other countries, you will encounter many avenues to be explored. As an international student, one has to bear the financial burden of education. But, Is it going to stop you from dreaming? Well, there are several alternatives. You can get an education loan or you can even apply for various scholarships available in that particular country or university you are applying for.

Have you noticed why a large number of students choose the universities of Canada over other countries like the USA, UK and many more? In recent years, the cities of Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal have become the student-hub. These cities have the largest foreign student population in Canada. We have collected a few convincing reasons why Nepalese students pursue study in Canada for further education.

Top-ranked universities of the world 

The universities of Canada carry a long history of providing high-quality education and high employability rate after graduation. And, this becomes one of the major reasons for choosing Canada. The country has wonderful internationally recognized institutions that offer high-quality education with an earned degree and diploma that is equivalent to US credential or British credential. In addition, many Canadian reputed institutions compete with universities from the UK and the US.

Some of the top-ranked Canadian universities from top 1,000 by Times Higher Education World University Ranking in 2020 are:

  • University of Toronto (18th position)
  • University of British Columbia (34thposition)
  • McGill University (42nd position)
  • McMaster University (72nd position)
  • University of Montreal (85th position)
  • University of Alberta (136th position)
  • University of Ottawa (141st position)

The education system in Canada is praised globally. The lectures in classes have several social interactions and small entertainment games to enhance analytical thinking and creativity. The proper communication between teacher and student allows Nepalese students to improve on their weaknesses with constant feedback from the teachers of particular subjects. The institution organizes several events such as career-focused programs, job market searches for graduates and many more.

Safe place

Canada’s international reputation is widely popular for non-discriminatory society. The laws of Canada ensure safety and security for all the people in Canada. The Canadian’s quality of life is ranked as the second safest country in the world after Switzerland, being on the first, according to the 2020 Social Progress Index. Canada has a low crime rate and has a better quality of life. The locations of Canada are found to be isolated. The country is protected by oceans from three sides. The fourth side shares its border with the USA. More importantly, Canada is considered to be the fifth safest place for women. So, ladies, it is pretty safe to travel in subways even in late nights.

Fundings and Scholarships

The tough decision in student life is choosing a university that provides high-quality education and is budget-friendly unless your father is Bill Gates or a billionaire. You will need to have a big pocket for investing in your tuition fees, residence, clothing, and many other living costs. The fun thing is Canada assists Nepalese students in pursuing an affordable degree in a prominent university in Canada. The scholarship for Nepalese Students in Canada is many.

Few include scholarships such as Merit scholarships, Country-based scholarships, Need-based scholarships, Government-funded scholarships, University-specific Scholarships, Third-party scholarships and many more.

However, you should ensure whether you meet the criteria according to the requirement of a particular scholarship you are applying for. Candian universities are more focused on research and development in terms of studies. Nepalese students get to experiment and work on real-life projects. The institutions provide a complete study guide based on analytical thinking and innovation.


The Nepalese students in Canada pursue jobs during their university degrees to support their living standards on their own. The advantage here is, being a student, you get a chance to build a network with leaders in Canada working in your interested field. In addition to that, Canadian employees prefer Canadian work experience over the work experience in other countries. So, it would add extra points for you to receive a job offer after your graduation. You can get Canadian work experience in famous companies in Canada. FYI: You are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) After you graduate, you need to apply for a Social Insurance Number for working in Canada.

But again, if you want to return back to your country, the Canadian education you received opens doors to work in other international companies. As you have experienced a cosmopolitan environment in Canada, it won’t be hard for you to cope up with the new culture in international offices. You see, you get exposed to international job offers. Remember: Communication skills and good team management skills help you to get your desired job.

Cosmopolitan environment 

Canada has a cosmopolitan environment. You will meet native speakers who speak English. Side by side, you will encounter several people speaking French, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish and many more. Your visit to Canada is definitely going to be meeting with smart people from all around the world. Furthermore, the education strategy made by the Canadian Ministry of Education focuses on allowing more number of international students in Canada. The Nepalese students will not only gain high-quality education but also learn different cultures, traditions, etc from different countries that help them boost their creativity. They get exposed to new ideas and widen their perspective.

Immigration Options

When you enter Canada as an international student, you get temporary resident status in a country that expires when your degree or program ends. After that, you can no longer stay in Canada legally. Well, Canada has programs designed for Nepalese students if you want to stay in Canada as a permanent resident. You have the option to choose Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) or participate in Provincial Nominees. PGWP allows graduate students to get some Canadian work experience. Many provinces in Canada conducts Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) that nominate individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada.

If you are planning to study in Canada from Nepal, CIC Education Hub is one of the most reputed consultancies of Nepal. You must also be sure to go through information about Canada and research well about the courses you are intending to apply in Canadian Universities


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