The Miracle OfIsrael and Italy Dedicated Servers | Onlive Server

The Miracle OfIsrael and Italy Dedicated Servers | Onlive Server


We render fully managed Israel Dedicated Server hosting offerings at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  OurIsrael and Italy Dedicated Serverplans are the most cost-effective solutions on the web. This is deliberately to maintain a viable business over the future. Everything we have a long-term view in mind, from the choice of hardware to software, and, especially, our staffs! We believe that we must make the most straightforward investment in our human resources so that we could provide the most straightforward support to our customers. We are committed to providing transparent, secure, highly reliable and high hosting solutions to clients and businesses.

Our team of highly qualified and technically trained engineers, technicians with support staff offer you hosting experience that is an unforgettable one. We believe creating lasting relationships with our customers as building blocks of actual growth and success.

We are a leading server hosting provider where we are dedicated to achieving all the requirements of your critical website successfully. For several years now we’ve invested heavily in our data centres and servers. We use only components from reputable, top-end manufacturers, and that we deploy sophisticated supervision tools. 

Why Choose Our Israel and Italy Dedicated Server?

High-end Hardware

All 1Gbits French Dedicated Servers are supported with the best hardware, and newest enterprise-grade Intel processors.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee unrivalled uptime for your Israel and Italy Dedicated server which makes your website like all-time on the Internet.


Our Israel and Italy dedicated servers have 24×7 onsite security. As far as security concerns, all access to our premises is strictly monitored. Prevent hazards, the boundaries of our dedicated servers are secured using barbed-wire fencing. We’ve 24×7 video surveillance and movement detection system actively operational. All individual’s entering or exiting the building are required to present building credentials and check-in with onsite staff other than regular business hours.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We spare no effort to offer to our customers and settle for nothing less than 100% satisfaction. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians, developers and designers understands what your business needs to succeed. We make sure that we’ll meet those needs and beyond.

Dedicated Customer Support – 24/7/365!

Our support staff is always available to assist – day or night. Contact us via live support chat, phone or available via your account dashboard. You can also submit a support ticket with the reasons via our help area. Regardless of how you select to contact us, you’ll always receive a rapid response and determination from our support team!

Huge Years’ Experience Serving Number of Clients Worldwide!

We have huge clients based all over the world. We always solve the customer's problem to their satisfaction . We have huge years of experience in the dedicated server industry and so that we are popular for providing the cheapest dedicated servers.

Dedicated To Helping You Build Your Brand

We understand the requirements and requirements of your business, on both a technical also as an aesthetic level. We’ll help you build your online presence and infrastructure that assures you’ll make a reliable brand and relationship together with your customers, thus helping you determine and develop your brand!

Benefits of Our Israel and Italy Dedicated Servers

  • Unlimited hosting plans
  • Top-notch security and support
  • Unrivalled network uptime

We offer a plethora of services with our fully managed Israel and Italy Dedicated Server hosting plans. For dedicated hosting solutions, you can say that we are best hosting solutions provider.

Need help in picking the right Israeland Italy Dedicated Server configuration?

Let our experts help you make the right decision!


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