What Are the Most Common Air Conditioner Problems?

What Are the Most Common Air Conditioner Problems?


When it comes to air conditioners, most people focus on the type of air conditioner and its size. After installation, air conditioners tend to fall off your mental radar.

Why not? AC units generally require minimal attention. Like most machines, though, AC issues will crop up from time to time.

Unlike many machines, pinning down air conditioner problems often proves difficult.

Fortunately, there are several common AC problems. Keep reading for a overview of those problems.

Air Filter

One of the more common AC problems a homeowner might face is a dirty air filter. A dirty filter taxes the AC unit as it tries to draw in air. That strain creates a risk of freezing in the unit.

You can consult the manufacturer guidelines for when you should change the filters.

Low Coolant

Another common issue with AC units is low coolant levels. As the coolant runs low, the unit loses efficiency. It runs longer, yet yields less cooled air.

Low coolant often signals a leak in the system. Without a full repair of the leak, the same problem will occur again.

Most states require that a professional handle this kind of ac repair and adding coolant.

Constant Cycling

Sometimes, an AC unit constantly cycles on and off for no apparent reason. This typically indicates a problem at the AC controls.

Thermostats fail or malfunction at times. You may also find corrosion around electrical connections that can disrupt signals. An HVAC pro can typically track down electrical issues.

Won’t Turn On

Few things prove more frustrating than a non-functional AC unit in hot weather. Unfortunately, several things can cause this issue.

If the unit draws too much power, it can trip a breaker. Of course, that typically signals a deeper problem with the unit itself.

Condenser motor problems ca prevent the AC from turning on.

If a thermostat fails, that can leave the unit with no signals. Animal activity near the wiring for the unit can also cause problems. Do not attempt repairs on the wiring of the unit yourself.

Odd Sounds

Another of the common issues that often demand AC repairs is odd noises from the unit. Any new noises from your unit means that something changed.

The sound might only mean that a belt has worn down. It can also signal problems either bearing in the unit motor. As with most AC problems, a pro should check over the unit.

Dealing with Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioner problems prove especially vexing because they only crop up when you need your AC. You can take some steps that will help you deal with those problems.

Follow the maintenance suggestions from the manufacturer. These will extend your unit’s life and limit preventable problems.

When I’m doubt about the problem, call in a professional. They can typically diagnose the problem. They can also handle most repairs safely.

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