Three Reasons to Install a Steam Shower

Three Reasons to Install a Steam Shower


There is just something relaxing about sitting in a steam shower. It screams luxury. It is an escape from reality. As a bonus, there are also many health benefits. Whether you are building a steam shower or looking to buy a house with one, this opulent upgrade is going to be worth it.

The Health Benefits

Many health benefits are associated with spending time in a steam room or shower. When you sit in a steam shower, your body releases a hormone called aldosterone. This is what makes you feel relaxed. It reduces stress and has even been shown to lower blood pressure. If you are congested or have a cold, steam will help clear out your sinuses. The warmth from a steam shower helps to loosen muscles and joints, much in the same way a workout does. Steam showers also help improve circulation. The warm heat expands your blood vessels, which increases blood flow in your body. This is why many steam showers or steam rooms are found in gyms, spas and even physical trainer offices.

The Upgrades

Steam showers are an upgrade to any shower. But there are lots of additional upgrades that can make your steam shower experience even better and more personalized. You can add lights, sounds and even smells with a steam shower kit. Modern touch screen controls allow you to easily adjust all the settings in your shower. Different types of benches can be installed inside your steam room so you can comfortably spend extra time enjoying the experience. Don’t be afaid to include different materials in your design. Although steam showers are usually designed with surrounding glass, more natural elements can be added to the inside, like teak wood floors or a tile curved ceiling. A curved or slanted ceiling is also beneficial to the overall design because it allows the condensation to run down to the walls instead of dripping on you.

The Investment

Steam showers are becoming more and more popular on home buyer’s must-have lists. Once you have one, you will not want to live without it. So, if you are thinking of installing a steam shower, you can be sure it will add to the value of your home. Any item that offers you some extra time for yourself is going to be worth the money. Steam showers allow you to slow down and take a minute for yourself. These days that is worth the extra money.

The space that your steam shower possesses should be dedicated to your health and wellness. Make your bathroom into a spa and reap all the rewards. Pretty soon you will want one of these in every bathroom of your home.


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