Get a Great Sleep! 9 Relaxing Things to Do Before Bed

Get a Great Sleep! 9 Relaxing Things to Do Before Bed


Around 60 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders which could be because they lack a pre-bed routine.

Getting enough shut-eye is crucial because it recharges you, fights off infections, and ensures your brain functions properly. Perhaps you’re struggling to fall asleep and are looking for ways to ease you into a good night’s sleep.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine relaxing things to do before bed.

  1. Create the Perfect Environment

The key to falling asleep early is creating the perfect environment for it. You should feel relaxed in your bedroom so paint the walls a relaxing color like blue, invest in blackout curtains, and make sure your bed is comfortable. Get organic cotton because rough or thick sheets will overheat and disrupt your sleep.

Further, your bedroom must be cool, dark, and quiet so you can fully relax.

  1. Listen to ASMR

One of the best things to do before bed is listening to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) as the artist produces gentle sounds like whispers or scratches which relaxes their listeners. If that’s not your thing, play soothing music quietly like lofi hip hop instrumentals, ambient tracks, or jazz so you can unwind.

To help you, check out YouTube or Spotify as there’s a wealth of nighttime playlists for inspiration.

  1. Read a Light-Hearted Book

Not sure what to do before bed? Then crack open your favorite book.

Reading a great novel in bed helps your mind prepare for sleep. Fiction is the best because it helps you escape reality and fully relax.

It also distracts you from anxious thoughts and puts you in a calm, passive mood. But avoid reading e-books because they have a backlit screen which could affect your quality of sleep.

  1. Have a Relaxing Bath

Another one of the best things to do before bed is soaking in the bath. Not only is it relaxing but baths soothe your muscles, relieve stress, and let you focus on the moment.

You may not have the time to have a daily bath so when you do, turn it into a special occasion by lighting a few candles, playing calming music, and adding a colorful bath bomb.

Can’t relax? Then set a timer for 15 minutes so you can properly enjoy the experience.

  1. Write a Journal Entry

If you’re still unsure how to sleep better, write down important moments of your day before you go to bed. This lets you reflect on events and give you a reference to how your life is progressing later on.

Journaling is especially crucial if you have negative thoughts before bed as it lets you process what has happened and leads you to solutions. Once finished, close the notebook and your mind should be clear.

You should also create a to-do list for the next day so you know you won’t forget important tasks.

  1. Stretch

A fantastic way to get your mind and body into sleep mode is doing gentle stretches in bed. Get into a wide-legged child’s pose or lay on your back and put your legs against the wall so you unwind. You can also massage your legs, feet, and upper back to boost circulation.

Further, practice meditation to quell negative thoughts and calm your mind so it’s easier to sleep. Simply focus on your breathing and whenever you start thinking trivial things like what you’re planning to do tomorrow, catch the thought and bring yourself back to your breathing.

Don’t worry if it’s difficult, to begin with, there are plenty of guided meditation apps to help you.

  1. Drink a Cup of Tea

Still not sure how to sleep long?

Sip a warm mug of milk before bed as it helps you sleep. You can also try decaffeinated green tea, chamomile tea, or pure coconut water. Further, try sleep gummies made with melatonin, a useful hormone that balances your body’s circadian rhythm so it’s easier to fall asleep.

  1. Turn off Your Gadgets

Switch off all electronics at least an hour before bed and don’t turn them on until the morning. This includes your smartphone, laptop, TV, and tablets because they emit a blue light that keeps you stimulated.

Or if that’s impossible, download F.lux, an app that programs your computer screen to resemble the current time of day so you know bedtime is approaching.

  1. Set a Schedule

All the above are great before bed but they’re useless unless you commit to a bedtime schedule. To do this, choose an ideal time to sleep and wake-up so you can stick to it. Follow this every day even on weekends and holidays so it becomes part of your circadian rhythm.

It may be difficult initially so ease yourself into it in 15 or 30-minute increments either from when you sleep to wake-up time. Whichever time you choose, make sure it’s consistent and you get at least seven hours of shut-eye each night.

If you continue to struggle, book an appointment with a sleep specialist and they’ll figure out why you’re having trouble.

Those Are the Relaxing Things to Do Before Bed

Now you know nine relaxing things to do before bed.

You must create the optimal sleeping environment, make sure you consistently go to bed at the same time, and turn off electronics an hour before bed. There are many ways to relax your mind and body whether it’s soaking in a warm bath, reading a great fantasy novel, or doing gentle stretches.

Experiment until you find the perfect bedtime routine and you’ll fall asleep in no time. Happy sleeping!

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