Fire damage restoration of business property

Fire damage restoration of business property


Fire damage at your business can become a devastating nightmare due to the extensive loss of valuable equipment, productivity and revenue. Fire, smoke and soot damage with added water damage need immediate action for restoration and repairs to help business back in normal condition as soon as possible.

Fire is so devastating that it not only destroys people’s valuable possessions but some find after fire extinguishers that they lost their home for ever. Likewise, fire at businesses can face huge financial loss and unable to continue their trade. Rapid fire damage restoration is the key to minimize the business interruptions and possible loss of revenue. You must rely only on an experienced and trained fire damage repair company to perform the cleanup and restoration procedure without wasting any time and less interruptions.

After fire, first 24 to 48 hours are considered very crucial for effective emergency responders to act quickly to minimize the smoke odor and soot particles at fire damaged building. Smoke reaches and penetrates deeply into everything and building structure. If left untreated for a few days, toxic smoke odor will hard to remove.

Service Pros is a team of experts who are available 24/7 to provide their disaster cleanup and restoration services after fire, water and smoke damage to residents and commercial buildings. Their technicians are qualified and skilled in dealing with fire damage and smoke damage effectively. They are always up to date with the latest knowledge about fire restoration techniques and equipments.

Fire and smoke restoration include minimizing the smoke odor; cleaning the soot; repairing and restoration of fire damaged things and structure.

The restoration experts have full knowledge of cleaning and removing soot particles from different materials and surfaces such as marble, glass, tiles, aluminum and chrome shelves. They also know how to treat carpets, upholstery and furniture to clean and restore them. They are expert in determining how everything should be treated, salvaged or replaced.

Disaster restoration company has technical experts in various procedures of fire damage emergency repairs

Fire and Smoke restoration technicians

Odor control technicians

Water damage restoration technicians

Upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians

When a disaster strikes, business suffers double, as their revenue is disturbed and their production is in peril. The fire restoration should be done rapidly to minimize the loss without wasting time. Every disaster is different and need maximum treatment and care. It is important for a fire cleanup company to make correct assessment in the beginning to speed up the mitigating process. The severity of fire damage to a business and time passed after fire damage help in making the cleanup, repair and restoration plan.

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After assessment, they board up the fire damaged area to secure it from further damage. Bring cranes to clear the debris from affected area. Remove the machinery and undamaged assets to restoration storage facility. Make a record of condition of assets. Decontaminate the building from smoke, soot and dust. Restore the property and its contents to pre fire condition.


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