Beaches in Dubai under Threat

Beaches in Dubai under Threat


Dubai has rapidly up through the ranks to become one in every of the world’s prime toured destinations because of a variety of numerous factors, not the least of which incorporates a recent and sustained period of serious investment within the construction of residential, vacation and business properties within the Emirate.

As well as the intensive building program, Dubai has also endowed heavily in ensuring that the infrastructure is in situ to match their lofty construction ambitions. The government’s strategic approach ensures that they never take their eye off the ball and pay attention to each detail; nothing is overlooked and that includes the beaches.

Dubai’s emaar beachfront and parks supply various vary of recreational and leisure activities and prove an enormous draw for the millions of tourists that visit once a year. However, coastal erosion could be a real drawback in Dubai because the ocean is eating away nearly fifty meters of beach every two years, in step with figures collected by engineers at the Coastal Management Section of Dubai Municipality. This has prompted the event of a brand new mission to protect the Persian Gulf shore and also the subsequent buildings behind it by the specialist department.

About Dubai Beach

Five-tone bags of sand are strategically positioned one hundred meters from the shore during a protecting arc referred to as a groin to forestall the destruction of the Umm Sequim beach, which has many homes behind it beneath real threat from the coastal erosion. Also, because the groins, sand is being deposited by engineers as quickly because it is being washed away by the seas with over five hundred, 000 cubic meters poured on existing beaches by the coastal management department.

The Dubai coastal zone stretches from the national capital border within the south to the Emirate of Sharjah within the north, passing through the town of Dubai, and it’s this complete stretch of roughly seventy kilometers that beneath observation by the engineers. But, as they signify the erosion is nothing new, it’s invariably affected the Dubai coast. However, thanks to the large program of construction that has seen several new properties being engineered near the ocean, it’s currently turning into a threat to those hotels, homes and vacation homes.

Indeed, another concern of the engineers is that the building of the mega comes off the coast of Dubai, like the planet, are increasing the result of the onshore erosion. They’re a line of work for any development, whether or not it’s a one-off new luxury beach building in Dubai or a mega project engineered off-shore to be assessed for its possible impact on the region’s emaar beachfront . As they point out, the beaches are one in every of the most important reasons why countless tourists are flocking to the region within the initial place, so that they ought to make sure that additional development doesn’t affect them too adversely


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