6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Property Manager

6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Property Manager


Real estate is an exclusive and lucrative business. The industry has experienced a massive hit in regards to value and investor confidence. Many people are now turning to real estate investments, hence the increased need for property managers. However, getting the most suitable property manager can be daunting. And you should conduct thorough interviews to get the right company.

Here are critical questions to ask:

1.What’s your experience in managing residential properties?

Experience matters a lot in property management. But, it’s not just about the number of years in the field. It also depends on the types of properties that the property manager has handled in the past. You can either engage someone with experience dealing with residential properties or one who has vast experience in all types of real estate investments. Steer away from a property management company that lacks skilled personnel, or has no experience managing residential properties.

2.Do you do regular inspections?

Routine inspections play a vital role in any tenancy agreement. How often the inspection is conducted ensures that the tenant stays comfortable. Asking this question will help you understand how well the property management companies in Brooklyn can take care of your property.

3.What criteria do you use to screen potential clients?

Getting the right tenants is a critical aspect of property management. You can only achieve this through screening. The way you undertake this determines the type of tenants that you let into your property.

Ask how the property manager matches the right tenants to residential property and the procedure used. This way, you’ll have a rough idea of the extent that the property manager can go to locate the right clients for your property.

4.What’s the best rental rate for my property?

Asking this helps you gauge whether the property manager is conversant with the current real estate market. It also shows what they can offer and gives you an idea of the worth of your property in the current market. Compare the responses from different property managers to understand what they can offer and the present value of your property.

5.How do you handle late rent payments?

Finding the right tenants is the first step to property management. However, there are many other critical steps; these include maintaining the tenants and ensuring prompt rent payments. Managing tenancy isn’t easy, and the property manager requires the right expertise to do this.

Asking such a question helps you to have an idea of their management style, and how they handle rental issues. Use this question to ascertain whether the tactic used aligns with your requirements.

6.How do you respond to tenant complains?

Asking this will give you an insight into how well the property manager can handle landlord-tenant relationship. Besides, they will act as a bridge between you and the tenants, and you don’t want to keep losing tenants each month. Ensure that you’re comfortable with the procedure of dealing with tenant issues before engaging them.

Fnal thoughts

To get the right property manager, interview them and use the right questions. By so doing, you’ll have an idea of how well they can manage your property.

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Also, ask about the fees in advance. Some firms have hidden fees, and you may only realize this once you sign the agreement. Ask about the services offered to avoid disappointments later on.


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