4 Best Backpacking Destinations in Europe for the Budget Conscious

4 Best Backpacking Destinations in Europe for the Budget Conscious


Dreaming of a European trip but your budget seems to tell otherwise? Well, believe it or not, your European dream can still come true even when on a budget.

While traveling is expensive, people planning to travel to Europe are usually burdened with more expenses. However, you can choose a more frugal way to explore Europe. That is through backpacking!

Before creating your itinerary, here are X of the best backpacking destinations in Europe that budget-conscious travelers will surely love!

1. Thessaloniki

Experience diversity in cultures at the 2nd largest city in Greece! Perfect for travelers of all ages, it is the city where you can explore ancient monuments and beautiful beaches. It is also home to one of the biggest campuses in Greece. Aside from its beautiful tourist destinations, Thessaloniki is also known for its affordable prices. When you’re on a budget, you can include this in your European itinerary.

2. Portugal

Believe it or not, Portugal is one of the most affordable European countries to visit. It is a recommended destination for people in search of cheap holidays. There are also attractions in the city like dazzling beaches and places to go that are perfect for solo travelers, families and couples. On average, it will take up around $50 a day for a backpacker’s trip to Portugal.

3. Bruges

Do you travel to discover more about history? Bruges can serve your passion. And what’s even great is that you can explore the city even when on a budget! Backpacking in this city in Belgium will allow you to explore colorful scenery. You can also go back in time through the medieval buildings you’ll find. It has also earned recognition as one of the cheapest cities in Europe. You can be sure that you won’t be spending too much if you’ll make Bruges a part of your travel itinerary!

4. Amsterdam

Your list of cheap backpacking destinations in Europe won’t be complete without Amsterdam. This city has been named as a city that is made for backpackers. Known for its hospitable people, amazing canals, and artistic heritage, you can take a trip and have a feel of an urban village. In Amsterdam, there are plenty of inexpensive hostels, There are also outdoor markets and free walking tours that you can join that are sure to help you stay on your budget.

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